Matt and Mandy

    “Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Jan. 1994, 26

    Matt and Mandy

    Matt and Mandy

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

    1. Aha! An unprovoked attack! This means war!

    2. Peace!

    3. I wish the whole world could have a little more peace.

      Why can’t it?

      It can, Matt. But first each of us needs to have peace in his own heart. Then there’ll be peace in the home and the neighborhood and the whole world.

    4. Would that be a good New Year’s reso—reso—

      Resolution. I think it would be a great one, Mandy. Shall we vote on it?

    5. And how do you vote, Mr. Snowman?

    6. That makes it unanimous. Let’s have a peaceful new year.