Five Portly Pelicans

    “Five Portly Pelicans,” Friend, Jan. 1994, 33

    Five Portly Pelicans

    Five portly pelicans standing on the shore—

    Hold up all fingers on one hand.

    One flew away; then there were four.

    Fold one finger down.

    Four preening pelicans bouncing on the sea—

    One dived for a fish; then there were three.

    Fold a second finger down.

    Three playful pelicans on a sea of blue—

    One flew to a ship; then there were two.

    Fold a third finger down.

    Two peaceful pelicans basking in the sun—

    One perched on a buoy; then there was one.

    Fold a fourth finger down.

    One puzzled pelican, not to be outdone,

    Flew off to dinner; then there were none.

    Fold the thumb down.

    Five portly pelicans, living by the sea.—

    Five portly pelicans, as happy as can be.

    Hook thumbs on both hands together and flap your hands like wings.