Who Wears What?
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“Who Wears What?” Friend, Jan. 1992, 46

Who Wears What?

A parka and mukluks are identified with Eskimos. Other clothing is often associated with persons of certain nationalities or occupations. Match each set of things to wear with the person who is usually associated with them.

1. Leotard and tutu

a. Peter Pan

2. Sporran and kilt

b. Turk

3. Fez and caftan

c. Clementine, the miner’s daughter in the song “Clementine”

4. Sombrero and serape

d. Cowboy

5. Autumn leaves and cobwebs.

e. Tahitian woman

6. Kimono and obi

f. Mexican

7. Ten-gallon hat and chaps

g. College graduate

8. Pareu and tiare

h. Ballet dancer

9. Mortarboard and gown

i. Japanese woman

10. Shoes “number 9” and “herring
boxes without topses”

j. Scottish highlander


  • (1) h, (2) j, (3) b, (4) f, (5) a, (6) i, (7) d, (8) e, (9) g, (10) c.

Illustrated by Dick Brown