Alma the Younger Repents

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“Alma the Younger Repents,” Friend, Sept. 1991, 18

Alma the Younger Repents


King Mosiah made Alma the leader of the Church in Zarahemla. Alma chose other men to help him teach the Nephites. Mosiah 25:19; Mosiah 26:8

Unbelievers caused problems

Alma and King Mosiah worried because the unbelievers were causing the members of the Church to suffer for their beliefs. Mosiah 27:1

Alma the Younger

Alma had a son named Alma. Alma the Younger did not believe the teachings of his father but became a wicked man. Mosiah 27:8

Alma the Younger and sons of Mosiah

Alma the Younger and the four sons of King Mosiah made trouble for the Church. They flattered the people and tried to lead them away from the truth. Mosiah 27:8

Alma prayed

Many people who heard them left the Church and became wicked. Alma prayed that his son would learn the truth and repent. Mosiah 27:9

Alma the Younger and sons King Mosiah

Alma the Younger and the sons of King Mosiah were going around trying to destroy the church. Mosiah 27:10


One day an angel of the Lord appeared to them. The angel spoke to them in a loud voice that shook the earth. Mosiah 27:11

they fell to ground

The five young men were so frightened that they fell to the ground. At first they could not understand what the angel said. Mosiah 27:12


The angel asked Alma the Younger why he was making trouble for the Church. Mosiah 27:13–14


The angel had come in answer to the prayers of the Church members. The earth shook as he told Alma the Younger to stop trying to destroy the Church. Mosiah 27:14–17

five young men

Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah fell again to the ground. They had seen an angel of the Lord, and they knew that the power of God had shaken the earth. Mosiah 27:18

Alma the Younger

Alma the Younger was so astonished that he could not open his mouth to speak. He became so weak that he could not even move his hands. Mosiah 27:19

sons of Mosiah and Alma

The sons of Mosiah carried Alma the Younger to his father and told him all that had happened to them. Mosiah 27:20

Alma was happy

Alma the Younger’s father was happy, for he knew that the power of God had done this to his son and that God had answered his prayers. Mosiah 27:20


Alma the Younger’s father called many people together to see what the Lord had done for his son and for the sons of Mosiah. Mosiah 27:21

Church leaders pray for Alma the Younger

Alma the Younger’s father, along with other church leaders, fasted and prayed and asked God to help Alma the Younger become strong again. Mosiah 27:22

Alma the Younger received his strength

After two days and nights, Alma the Younger received his strength and was able to speak and move again. Mosiah 27:23

he repented

He told the people there that he had repented of his sins and that God had forgiven him. Mosiah 27:24

he told others to be righteous

He said that everyone must become righteous in order to enter God’s kingdom, and he told them of the great pain he had suffered because of his sins. Mosiah 27:25–26, 28

Alma the Younger was happy

After repenting, Alma the Younger was happy because God had forgiven him. He knew that God loved him. Mosiah 27:29

Alma the Younger and sons of Mosiah

Alma the Younger and the sons of King Mosiah began to teach the truth throughout the land, telling everyone what they had heard and seen. Mosiah 27:32

Alma and sons of Mosiah preaching

They tried to undo the wrong that they had done. They explained the scriptures to the people and taught them about Jesus Christ. Mosiah 27:35

God blessed them

God blessed Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah in their teaching of the gospel. Many people listened to them and believed. Mosiah 27:36–37

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson