Posy Puzzle and More

“Posy Puzzle and More,” Friend, Sept. 1991, 47

Posy Puzzle and More

The answer to the first line of each couplet is a flower. Change the letters of that answer according to the directions in the second line, and you will have the answer for that rhyme.

1. This flower has a sweet scent and color quite bright,

Drop its first letter—now use it to write.

2. This flower has a face; just take a look.

Drop its last two letters—get a dish for a cook.

3. In the spring this bulb-flower you surely will see.

Drop its first two letters—part of the mouth there will be.

4. This Oriental flower from ancient Persia came.

Drop its last two letters—you have a dad’s nickname.

5. Do you see the bright blossom that grows in the meadow?

Drop its last three letters—you’ll get food that is yellow.

6. This flower grows in clusters of red, pink, or white.

Drop its first three letters—see a creature of great might.

7. Usually purple, this flower blooms in the fall.

Add a first letter—it means quicker than all.

8. The shade is where this shy flower likes best to sway.

Change its last two letters—on this a tune you’ll play.