New Testament ABC’s

“New Testament ABC’s,” Friend, Jan. 1991, 24

New Testament ABC’s

Preparation: Carefully open the staples, remove pages 24 and 25 from the magazine, then close the staples. Mount the pages on cardboard; cut off the calendar and use it separately. Cut out the letter squares and clue squares, then glue the corresponding squares back to back.

To Play: Any number of players may participate. Each player, in turn, picks a letter from the pile, reads the clue, and has two minutes to find the answer that begins with that letter in the New Testament. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins.

A. Twelve men who were chosen and ordained by Jesus (See Luke 6:13.)

B. Town where Jesus was born (See Matt. 2:1.)

C. Name given for those who believe in Christ (See Acts 11:26.)

D. Those who follow Christ (See John 8:31.)

E. Land where Joseph and Mary took Jesus when He was a baby (See Matt. 2:13.)

F. Fragrance brought by the Wise Men (See Matt. 2:11.)

G. Garden where Jesus prayed (See Mark 14:32.)

H. Wicked king who ordered all babies killed (See Matt. 2:13.)

I. Where there was no room for Mary and Joseph (See Luke 2:7.)

J. Name that the angel told Mary to call the Savior (See Luke 1:30–31.)

K. “_____ of the Jews”—part of the title on the cross (See John 19:19.)

L. Brother of Mary and Martha; raised from the dead by Jesus (See John 11:43–44.)

M. First book in the New Testament (See New Testament.)

N. Town where Jesus lived as a boy (See Matt. 2:23.)

O. The _____ Begotten Son (See John 3:16.)

P. Chief Apostle; denied Christ three times before the cock crew (See Matt. 26:69–75.)

Q. “The _____ and the dead” (those to be judged by Christ—See 2 Tim. 4:1.)

R. Last book in the New Testament (See New Testament.)

S. Name changed to Paul (See Acts 13:9.)

T. The Apostle who doubted Christ’s resurrection (See John 20:24–25.)

U. _____ room, where the Last Supper was held (See Mark 14:14–15.)

V. Drink given to Christ while He was on the cross (See Matt. 27:34.)

W. Person who gave her last two mites (See Mark 12:42–44.)

Note: No word in the Bible starts with x.

Y. What we should take upon us (See Matt. 11:29.)

Z. Father of John the Baptist (See Luke 1:5.)