International Foods

“International Foods,” Friend, Jan. 1991, 26

International Foods

The first column lists ten foods; the second column, the countries the foods are associated with; the third column, the names of boys who might live in the countries. Can you do a three-way match up?

1. Pizza

A. China

a. Johnny

2. Tortilla

B. United States

b. Chaing

3. Hot dog

C. India

c. Vittorio

4. Omelette

D. Hungary

d. Juan

5. Bird’s nest soup

E. Mexico

e. Franz

6. Caviar

F. Italy

f. Ivan

7. Sauerkraut

G. Russia

g. Shirish

8. Goulash

H. Germany

h. Pierre

9. Shish kebab

I. France

i. Karl

10. Curry

J. Greece

j. Demetrius