Exodus Game

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“Exodus Game,” Friend, Nov. 1990, 27

Exodus Game

Object: To get all twelve tribes of Israel to Canaan, and to learn about their journey along the way.

Materials Needed: a Bible for each player, lightweight cardboard, glue, scissors, and tape.


  1. Remove this page and pages 24–25, and mount them on the cardboard.

  2. Cut out and assemble the color cube, taping at the edges (see illustration).

  3. Cut out, assemble, and glue the playing pieces (see illustration). Place them all on EGYPT on the game board.

  4. Cut out the Rules and store them with the rest of the game in your Sunday Box. (For Sunday Box, see the November 1983 Friend, page 27.)


  1. Each player chooses one tribe of Israel* and moves only it until it has reached CANAAN. Then he chooses another tribe and starts again with it.

  2. Each player in turn rolls the color cube and advances his tribe to the next space the same color as the top of the cube. He must then correctly answer (see scripture references) the question in that space.

  3. If a player lands on a space that is already occupied, he must go to the nearest vacant space behind the occupied space.

  4. The game ends only when all the tribes have reached CANAAN. The player who has gotten the most tribes there first is the winner.



Why did the children of Israel leave Egypt?
(See Ex. 6:6–7.)

Why were they led around the land of the Philistines?
(See Ex. 13:17.)

Where were they led through instead of the land of the Philistines?
(See Ex. 13:17–18.)

True or False?: By day the Lord led them in a pillar of fire.
(See Ex. 13:21.)

How did they get across the Red Sea?
(See Ex. 14:21–22.)

What problem did they have in the wilderness of Shur?
(See Ex. 15:22.)

How did Moses make bitter water sweet at Marah?
(See Ex. 15:23–25.)

How many wells and how many palm trees were in Elim?
(See Ex. 15:27.)

What sin did the children of Israel commit in the wilderness of Sin?
(See Ex. 16:1–2.)

What did the Lord give them to eat in the evenings after the people murmured?
(See Ex. 16:11–13.)

What did the Lord give them to eat in the mornings?
(See Ex. 16:13–15.)

What happened when they tried to save some of the food overnight?
(See Ex. 16:16–20.)

How did they get water in Rephidim?
(See Ex. 17:1–6.)

What happened when Moses put down his hands when they fought Amalek?
(See Ex. 17:8–12.)

Who came to the family reunion; how did they celebrate?
(See Ex. 18:5–12.)

Why did Moses choose rulers over the children of Israel?
(See Ex. 18:13–26.)

What mountain did they camp at the foot of?
(See Ex. 19:1–2.)

What did they do after they were sanctified?
(See Ex. 19:10, 14.)

What caused the children of Israel to tremble on the third day they camped there?
(See Ex. 19:16.)

Whom did the Lord tell Moses to bring with him to the top of the mountain?
(See Ex. 19:17–25.)

Recite any one of the Ten Commandments that no other player has recited.
(See Ex. 20:1–17; Ex. 24:12.)

After offerings were made for the children of Israel, who went with Moses and saw God?
(See Ex. 24:4–11.)

Tell why the tabernacle was built and one thing about it that no other player has told.
(See Ex. 25:8, heading; Ex. 26:33–34; Ex. 27:20–21.)

Tell two things about the ark of the testimony that no other player has told.
(See Ex. 25:10–22.)

Why did Aaron have special garments, and what was put in his breastplate of justice?
(See Ex. 28:4, 15, 30.)

What was wrong with making the golden calf?
(See Ex. 32:1–8; Ex. 20:3–5.)

What did Moses do when he came down from the mountain?
(See Ex. 32:15–20.)

When Moses went up the mountain again, what did he take with him and why?
(See Ex. 34:1–4.)

Who was numbered in the census that Moses took?
(See Num. 1:1–2, heading.)

What feast were the children of Israel commanded to keep and why?
(See Num. 9:1–5; Ex. 12:27; Ex. 13:15.)

Why did they complain about the manna and what was their punishment?
(See Num. 11:4–9, 16–20.)

What did the Israelite spies find, and why did two of them disagree with the others?
(See Num. 13:1–3, 17–33; Num. 14:1–9.)

Why did Aaron’s rod blossom?
(See Num. 17:1–8.)

Who died at Kadesh and at Hor?
(See Num. 20:1, 22–29.)

What were the children of Israel to do if they were bitten by the fiery serpents?
(See Num. 21:4–9.)

Who were allowed to leave the wilderness and why, and who became their new leader?
(See Num. 14:26–31; Num. 26:1, 4, 63–65; Num. 27:12–13, 18–23.)


Reuben; Zebulun; Benjamin; Joseph; Judah; Dan; Gad; Simeon; Naphtali; Asher; Issachar; Levi. (Illustrated by Jerry Harston.)