Harold B. Lee

“Harold B. Lee,” Friend, Nov. 1989, 48

Harold B. Lee

Charity is the pure love of Christ (Moro. 7:47).

Harold B. Lee

1 Harold B. Lee was a busy man. He was a city commissioner, stake president, husband, and father of two little girls.

2 It was early morning on the day before Christmas. President Lee had been up all night, helping city crews snowplow the streets. Now he was on his way home to change clothes before going to his office.

3 He saw a small boy by the side of the road. The boy had no coat, no gloves, and no overshoes. President Lee stopped the car and offered the boy a ride into town.

Harold B. Lee

4 As they rode along, the man and boy began to talk. President Lee asked the boy if he was ready for Christmas.

5 He was shocked when the boy replied that there would be no Christmas at his house. His father had just died, and the family had no money. Before President Lee dropped the boy off in town, he asked him his name and address.

6 That Christmas Eve, as Harold B. Lee and the bishops in his stake delivered gifts to needy families, he remembered the young boy. He asked one of the bishops to take some Christmas boxes to the boy’s family.

7 Harold B. Lee was always very loving and caring. When he became the eleventh President of the Church, this talent was greatly appreciated by Church members.

Illustrated by Paul Mann