Paper Marionette
November 1989

“Paper Marionette,” Friend, Nov. 1989, 33

Paper Marionette

To make marionette, you will need: lightweight cardboard, glue, crayons or colored markers, scissors, paper punch, 6 brass fasteners, 3 short pieces and 1 long piece of string, and someone older to make small holes.

Paper Marionette

Illustrated by Julie F. Young

  1. Mount page on cardboard.

  2. Color each piece.

  3. Cut out pieces.

  4. Use paper punch to make large holes where shown.

  5. Ask older person to make small holes where shown.

  6. Attach arms and legs with brass fasteners as shown.

  7. Tie 1 short string between arms, 1 short string between legs, and 1 short string to head (see diagram).

  8. Tie one end of long string to middle of arm string. Then, where it reaches legs, tie it to leg string (see diagram). Let remainder of long string dangle.

To make marionette dance, hold head string and gently tug at long string.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young