Our General Authorities

“Our General Authorities,” Friend, July 1989, 43

Our General Authorities

Match the first names and initials with the last names of the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.

1. Ezra Taft

a. Ashton

2. Gordon B.

b. Ballard

3. Thomas S.

c. Benson

4. Howard W.

d. Faust

5. Boyd K.

e. Haight

6. Marvin J.

f. Hinckley

7. L. Tom

g. Hunter

8. David B.

h. Maxwell

9. James E.

i. Monson

10. Neal A.

j. Nelson

11. Russell M.

k. Oaks

12. Dallin H.

l. Packer

13. M. Russell

m. Perry

14. Joseph B.

n. Scott

15. Richard G.

o. Wirthlin