The ABC’s of Missionary Work

“The ABC’s of Missionary Work,” Friend, May 1989, 23

The ABC’s of Missionary Work

Read the clues, then supply the missing word(s) about missionary work or the gospel or the Book of Mormon.

  1. A great Book of Mormon missionary who preached to King Noah was ________.

  2. People who accept the gospel are ________ by immersion into the Church.

  3. The Church was organized by Jesus ________.

  4. The missionary lessons are called ________.

  5. The priesthood title of male missionaries is ________.

  6. The place where baptisms usually occur is in a ________.

  7. Three separate beings—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—are called the ________.

  8. The testifier to the truth of a missionary message is the ________ Ghost.

  9. The correct method of baptism is by ________.

  10. The man who baptized Jesus was ________ the Baptist.

  11. The prophets hold all the ________ of the priesthood.

  12. LDS stands for ________-____ Saint(s).

  13. The place where new missionaries are trained is the ________ Training Center.

  14. The two major peoples in the Book of Mormon are the Lamanites and the ________.

  15. We are all encouraged to ________ the commandments.

  16. A way to talk to Heavenly Father is through ________.

  17. New members soon learn the priesthood groups are divided into ________.

  18. Before baptism, prospective members need to ________ of their sins.

  19. We renew our baptismal covenants each time we partake of the ________.

  20. A knowledge that the gospel is true is called a ________.

  21. Missionaries teach that the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith using the ________ and Thummim.

  22. Lehi had a ________ of the tree of life.

  23. Missionaries explain the necessity of obeying the law of health called the Word of ________.

  24. President ________ the second President of the Church, sent missionaries and colonists throughout western United States.

  25. “________ (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent” (A of F 1:10).