Guess Again, Grandma

“Guess Again, Grandma,” Friend, May 1989, 16–17

Guess Again, Grandma

Grandma was coming today! It was hard for Heidi to wait, because she had a surprise to show Grandma. Finally a blue car turned into the driveway.

“Grandma!” Heidi yelled. “Grandma, I have a surprise for you. Guess what it is!”

Grandma measured the top of Heidi’s curly head against her own arm. “I bet I already know your surprise—you’re getting taller.”

“Oh, Grandma, that’s no surprise. Guess again.”

“Is it something new growing in the garden?” Grandma asked, swinging Heidi’s hand as they walked past the marigolds beside the front walk.

“Nope,” Heidi told her. “Guess again.”

“Well,” Grandma said as they climbed the front steps, “the front door is painted bright red. It used to be white. Is that your surprise?”

“No, that’s not it, either,” Heidi said. “Guess again.”

“Mmmmm. I smell something good. Did you make some special cookies for me? Is that the surprise?”

“No—my surprise is better than cookies!” Heidi grinned. “Guess again, Grandma.”

“Well,” Grandma said as they climbed the stairs to Heidi’s room, “your surprise wasn’t the inches that you’ve grown. And it wasn’t something new in the garden or the bright red door or the good smelling cookies. I give up. What can your surprise be?”

“Look in the basket in my closet, Grandma,” Heidi said, jumping up and down with excitement.

“Oh, oh, oh!” cried Grandma. “Muffin has three new kittens! They are darling, Heidi. What a wonderful surprise.”

“That’s not all, Grandma,” Heidi told her. “The best part is that you get to keep one!”