Friends of Jesus
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“Friends of Jesus,” Friend, Mar. 1989, 22

Friends of Jesus

Match each person who knew and loved the Savior with his/her proper description.

1. John

a. Sister of Lazarus who prepared meals for Jesus. (See Luke 10:38–42.)

2. Joseph of Arimathaea

b. Told the Apostles that Jesus had risen from the grave. (See John 20:17–18.)

3. Lazarus

c. Publican (tax collector) who welcomed Jesus into his home. (See Luke 19:2–6.)

4. Martha

d. Baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. (See Matt. 3:13–17.)

5. Mary

e. Defended Jesus before the Pharisees and took part in His burial. (See John 7:45–51; John 19:38–40.)

6. Mary Magdalene

f. Woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with costly ointment. (See John 12:3–8.)

7. Matthew

g. At first he doubted, but later believed that Jesus had risen. (See John 20:24–29.)

8. Nicodemus

h. Mary (James’s mother), Mary Magdalene, and ________ went to Jesus’ tomb with spices. (See Mark 16:1–8.)

9. Peter (Simon Peter)

i. Asked Pilate for permission to bury Jesus’ body. (See Matt. 27:57–60.)

10. Salome

j. Jesus called him Cephas, which means a stone. (See John 1:40–42.)

11. Thomas

k. Jesus raised him from the dead. (See John 11:38–45.)

12. Zacchaeus

l. Tax collector who followed Jesus as one of His disciples. (See Matt. 9:9.)


  • (1) d, (2) i, (3) k, (4) a, (5) f, (6) b, (7) l, (8) e, (9) j, (10) h, (11) g, (12) c.