Joseph Smith

    “Joseph Smith,” Friend, Jan. 1989, 28

    Joseph Smith

    What I say unto one I say unto all, be of good cheer, little children (D&C 61:36).

    Joseph Smith

    1 The Prophet Joseph Smith was a tall, strong man. He grew up on a farm and spent many hours clearing the land and planting crops with his father and brothers.

    2 The Prophet loved spending time with young people. One of his favorite activities was wrestling. In those days, wrestling consisted mostly of trying to throw your opponent off balance.

    3 One day Joseph noticed a crowd of enthusiastic young men and boys. When he got closer, he saw that they were wrestling. He decided to join them.

    Joseph Smith

    4 There was one especially large fellow who seemed to be the champion. He was proud of the fact that no one had thrown him, and he was eager to wrestle the Prophet.

    5 The match had scarcely begun when the champion found himself being carried by his collar and the seat of his pants to a nearby ditch, where Joseph dropped him.

    6 As the crowd yelled and cheered, Joseph helped the young man to his feet, patted him on his back, and said, “You must not mind this. When I am with the boys, I make all the fun I can for them.”

    7 Although he was the first President of the Church and a very busy man, Joseph Smith knew that taking time to be friendly with others was important.

    Illustrated by Paul Mann