Traffic Signs

    “Traffic Signs,” Friend, Jan. 1989, 24–25

    Traffic Signs

    And I now give unto you a commandment to … give diligent heed to the words of eternal life (D&C 84:43)

    When we walk or ride each day,

    The traffic signs we must obey.

    Sometimes they remind us, too,

    Of other things we ought to do.

    At a RAILROAD CROSSING look each way;Remember what your parents say.

    NO U TURN—you can’t go back.

    Keep running straight; stay on track.

    You’ll lose your way if you DETOUR;

    The gospel plan is true and sure.

    When you’re among CHILDREN AT PLAY,

    Watch the things you do and say.

    Do not YIELD to Satan’s call,

    Or you will be sure to fall!

    If you want a happy day,

    Don’t forget to STOP and pray.

    Missionary MEN AT WORK

    Do their duty, never shirk.

    WINDING ROAD? Hold to the rod.

    It will lead you back to God.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown