Missionary Book Report

    “Missionary Book Report,” Friend, Sept. 1988, 34

    Missionary Book Report

    1 I was nine years old when I first began to really study the Book of Mormon. That year in school I realized that if I finished reading it by a certain date, I could use it for a book report.

    2 The night before the report was due, I stayed up late to finish reading it and to draw a picture of Samuel the Lamanite preaching to the Nephites from the city wall.

    3 The next day I gave my report. I told everyone about the Book of Mormon and recited my favorite story in it.

    4 After class I gave my teacher a copy of the Book of Mormon and bore my testimony that it is true, that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ.

    Illustrated by Susan Meeks