Sharing Time: Study the Book of Mormon

    “Sharing Time: Study the Book of Mormon,” Friend, Sept. 1988, 40

    Sharing Time:

    Study the Book of Mormon

    Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, … that ye would remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men (Moro. 10:3).

    There are many different ways to study the Book of Mormon. Some people like to read it as a history book. Others enjoy the beauty of the language and the poetry of the scriptures. However, the most important reason for studying the Book of Mormon is to find out how to live your life so that you can be happy and return to live with our Heavenly Father. The lessons of the Book of Mormon are timeless and clearly teach that living the principles of the gospel brings eternal happiness.

    Many people like to memorize certain verses. It can be a challenge to remember scriptures, so some scripture scholars memorize the reference, or chapter and verse, of each of their favorite scriptures. Then they can refer to those scriptures quickly whenever they need them.


    1. Cut out pictures.

    2. Arrange pictures by date to make picture time line.

    3. Read each scripture reference, then tell what it says in your own words to your family.

    4. Discuss what lesson is being taught, then decide how to apply it in your life.

    Brother of Jared
    2200 B.C.*
    Ether 3

    King Benjamin
    124 B.C.
    Mosiah 2:1–2, 6–7

    64 B.C.
    Alma 53:10–11, 16–22

    600 B.C.
    1 Ne. 2:2–5

    147 B.C.
    Mosiah 18:7–16

    Samuel the Lamanite
    6 B.C.
    Hel. 13:2–4

    592 B.C.
    1 Ne. 17:7–8

    Alma the Younger
    100–92 B.C.
    Mosiah 27:8–32

    A.D. 34
    3 Ne. 17:19–21

    544–421 B.C.
    Enos 1

    Captain Moroni
    73 B.C.
    Alma 46:4–14

    A.D. 345
    Morm. 2:12–18

    279–130 B.C.
    Omni 1:15–19

    90 B.C.
    Alma 17:22–39

    A.D. 401
    Morm. 8:1–4

    148 B.C.
    Mosiah 16; Mosiah 17:20

    82–81 B.C.
    Alma 14:3–4, 19–29

    Joseph Smith
    A.D. 1823
    Joseph Smith—History 1:49–54 [JS—H 1:49–54]

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Make large time line on roll of paper. Have children or classes tell who, when, what, and why about the Book of Mormon character, then place pictures on time line. Additional characters and stories could be used.

    2. Play “Who Am I?” by pinning Book of Mormon person’s name on child’s back. The child may ask for clues with questions about who, when, what, and, finally, scripture reference.

    3. Children could make page with information about each story—their abridgment of it, feelings about it, and application of message. Pages could be compiled into book.

    4. Have children prepare questions for scripture-study session. Each question should be something that all children who read could answer if given clues and Book of Mormon. Example: How many Nephis, Almas, and Helamans are there (see index)? What is purpose of Book of Mormon (see title page)? Where did the last battle take place (see Morm. 6)?

    5. Sing “Book of Mormon Stories” (Sing with Me, B-87) with additional verses found in Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation 1988, page 3.

    Illustrated by Elise Niven Black