Samuel the Lamanite
July 1988

“Samuel the Lamanite,” Friend, July 1988, 43

Samuel the Lamanite

Read Helaman 13–14 [Hel. 13–14] to find out what Samuel the Lamanite prophesied to the Nephites about the coming of the Savior. Place a check by the correct answers to the questions, then color all the pictures.

  1. When the Nephites would not let Samuel into the city of Zarahemla, where did Samuel prophesy from?

  2. What did Samuel say would appear as a sign of Christ’s birth such as had never been seen before?

  3. Which signs did Samuel predict would appear at Christ’s death?

Samuel the Lamanite

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney


  • (1) wall, (2) star, (3) all correct.