Hidden Anatomy
July 1988

“Hidden Anatomy,” Friend, July 1988, 23

Hidden Anatomy

The names of twelve different body parts are hidden in the following paragraph. The first one is in bold letters. Can you discover eleven more?

A handsome farmer, so a legend says, accidently flung an old wagon wheel into his horse’s crib. The headstrong animal backed into a corner and reared. He kicked the wheel so hard that he chipped it, sending slivers flying through the air. The farmer quickly slipped into the stall, calmed the horse, and removed the wheel.


  • (1) farmer, (2) legend, (3) flung, (4) wheel, (5) crib, (6) headstrong, (7) backed, (8) reared, (9) chipped, (10) slivers, (11) slipped.