Do You Know?

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“Do You Know?” Friend, Feb. 1988, 33

Do You Know?

(From 2 Ne. 4:12; 2 Ne. 5:1–18.)

After Lehi died, his two oldest sons, Laman and Lemuel, tried to kill their brother Nephi. Following the Lord’s counsel, Nephi fled into the wilderness with his own family; his other older brother, Sam, and his family; his younger brothers, Jacob and Joseph; some of his sisters; Zoram and his family; and everyone else who believed that Nephi was a prophet of God. As they traveled, they took with them their flocks and seeds, the sword and brass plates of Laban, and the Liahona.

After many days they settled in a land that they named Nephi. The people prospered in their new land, and Nephi did many things there. Which of the following things did Nephi do? Do you know?

A. He taught the people how to build buildings.

B. He built a temple similar to the one Solomon had built in Jerusalem.

C. He made many swords like the sword of Laban so that they could defend themselves if the Lamanites ever found them there.

D. He taught the people to be industrious and to work with wood and metals.