The Gift

“The Gift,” Friend, Dec. 1987, inside front cover

The Gift

Around our Christmas tree this year

So many gifts there’ll be,

With treasures hidden deep inside—

It’s hard to wait and see.

They’ll come in boxes tied with string

And fancy, shiny bows,

Brightly wrapped in colored paper—

Oh, how excitement grows!

Inside each box with Christmas wrapping

Could be a toy or game.

Whatever’s hidden deep inside,

I’ll love it just the same.

But though a lot of gifts are nestled

Beneath the Christmas tree,

The very most important one

You cannot plainly see.

He came upon that wondrous night

So very long ago—

A tiny baby wrapped in cloth,

Laid in a manager low.

The Christ child who lay quietly

Within that stable poor

Would carry out God’s pledge that we

Might live forevermore.

So, Christmas morning when you find

Your gifts beneath the tree,

Remember the best is that one which

God gave to you and me.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney