Christmas Stars

    “Christmas Stars,” Friend, Dec. 1987, 5

    Christmas Stars

    Father set the big box of ornaments down by the Christmas tree.

    “I want to put the lights and the Christmas balls on the tree,” said Jody’s big brother.

    “We want to string the popcorn and put the icicles on the tree,” said Jody’s big sisters.

    Jody didn’t say anything. A big tear rolled down his cheek.

    “Why, Jody, what’s the matter?” Mother asked.

    “I miss Benjamin,” Jody answered. “Benjamin always helps me put the star on top.”

    “Benjamin would still want you to put the star on top while he’s on his mission.” Father smiled at Jody. “This year I’ll hold you up so that you can put the star on the tree.”

    “Benjamin liked the star the best because it led the Wise Men to the Baby Jesus,” said Mother.

    Jody thought about Benjamin while his big brother put the lights and the Christmas balls on the tree. He thought about the star while his big sisters put the strings of popcorn and the icicles on the tree.

    Then Father lifted Jody up high so that he could put the star on the tree. As Jody gently anchored the star to the topmost branch, he thought again about the star and Jesus, about the Wise Men and Benjamin.

    “Benjamin is like the Christmas star,” Jody said. “Benjamin leads people to Jesus’ church.”

    “You’re right!” Father smiled at Jody. “Benjamin is like the Christmas star.”

    “I’m going to be like the Christmas star, too,” Jody said. “I can be a good example and tell people about the Church. Benjamin will not seem so far away when I am being like him.”

    “We want to be Christmas stars, too,” said Jody’s big brother and sisters.

    “We’ll all be Christmas stars,” Mother said with a smile. “That will make Benjamin happy, and it will make Heavenly Father happy too.”

    Illustrated by Dick Brown