Kitchen Krafts: Quick Camping Treats

    “Kitchen Krafts: Quick Camping Treats,” Friend, July 1986, 17

    Kitchen Krafts:

    Quick Camping Treats

    Mock Banana Cream Pie

    1 large package instant banana cream pudding

    3 cups cold milk

    2–3 peeled, sliced bananas

    1 cup vanilla wafer crumbs

    1 large, sturdy plastic bag

    4–6 paper cups

    1. Place pudding and milk in large plastic bag, and tie tightly at top of bag, squeezing out excess air.

    2. Shake pudding 3–4 minutes.

    3. Layer banana slices, pudding, and vanilla crumbs in paper cups. Repeat layers.

    4. Let stand five minutes.

    Rocky Mountain Mud Cone

    6 cups cold milk

    1 large package instant chocolate pudding

    1 large package instant vanilla pudding

    frozen whipped topping, thawed

    8–10 ice-cream cones

    2 large, sturdy plastic bags

    1. Place chocolate pudding and 3 cups milk in plastic bag; tie tightly at top, squeezing out excess air.

    2. Shake pudding 3–4 minutes.

    3. Repeat procedure for vanilla pudding.

    4. Layer chocolate and vanilla pudding in ice-cream cones.

    5. Top with whipped topping.

    6. Let stand five minutes.

    Trail Mix

    2 cups small chocolate candies

    2 cups raisins

    2 cups peanuts

    2 cups pretzels

    2 cups raw sunflower seeds, shelled.

    Mix ingredients in bowl; enjoy eating as finger food while hiking, boating, or just sitting around campfire. Omit or add ingredients to your liking: cashews, bite-size cereal, peanut butter chips, coconut, or dried fruits.

    Photo by Marty Mayo