What Shall I Wear?

    “What Shall I Wear?” Friend, July 1986, 30

    What Shall I Wear?

    When it is cold, I like to wear

    A soft, thick hat upon my hair,

    And furry socks to hug my toes.

    Cold weather’s best for cozy clothes.

    If it is raining, then I choose

    A pair of boots instead of shoes.

    A big umbrella keeps me dry

    When raindrops splash fast from the sky.

    Sometimes it’s windy; then it’s best

    To button tight my bright red vest.

    I pull a scarf around my chin,

    To keep my hair all snug within.

    When it’s as hot as hot can be,

    I like to let my hair blow free.

    I run barefoot along the street

    And play with all the friends I meet.