Who Lives Here?

    “Who Lives Here?” Friend, July 1982, 33

    Who Lives Here?

    Crossword puzzle


    1. Black insect that sings at night

    2. Small lizard with smooth, flat scales

    3. Garden mollusks that leave silvery trails

    4. Amphibian with rough, warty skin

    5. Insects that come uninvited to your picnic

    6. Winged nuisance insect that lands on your nose

    7. Arachnid with four pairs of legs that can spin a web

    8. Long soft-bodied, expansible, animal

    9. Furry mammal with bushy ringed tail and face mask


    1. Long-legged jumping or flying insect

    2. Striped, odoriferous amphibian

    3. Scaleless, lizardlike amphibian

    4. Web-footed amphibian known for its nighttime croaking


    • Across—(3) cricket, (4) skink, (5) snails, (6) toad, (7) ants, (8) fly, (9) spider, (10) worm, (11) raccoon. Down—(1) grasshopper, (2) skunk, (5) salamander, (8) frog.