Tree-Bark Alligator

    “Tree-Bark Alligator,” Friend, July 1982, 26

    Tree-Bark Alligator

    You will need: dry tree bark from dead tree, scissors, craft glue, poster paints, small knife, and paintbrush.

    Cut or break bark into three pieces about 1 1/2″ x 3″. Glue bark pieces together in a crooked line. Using knife, carefully cut point on one end piece for tail. Other end piece of bark will be mouth/head section. Middle piece of bark is the body.

    Cut two small pieces of bark for eyes and glue them to head section.

    Cut four small pieces of bark the same size, and glue them to bottom of alligator’s body for feet. Poster paints may be used for adding such features as mouth, teeth, eyes, and toes or claws.