“Enos,” Friend, Oct. 1981, 20


    Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

    1 Enos promised his dying father, Jacob, that he would continue writing the history of his people. (Jacob 7:27.)

    2 He was grateful that Jacob had taught him to obey the Lord. (Enos 1:1.)

    3 And he wanted to be a righteous man like his father. (Enos 1:1–3.)

    4 While hunting in the forest one day, Enos thought of his father’s words about the joy of eternal life. (Enos 1:3.)

    5 He wanted to speak to God, so he knelt down and prayed earnestly to Him. (Enos 1:4.)

    6 Enos prayed all day. When night came he was still praying. (Enos 1:4.)

    7 The voice of God told Enos that his sins were forgiven because of his faith in Jesus Christ, whom he had never seen. (Enos 1:5–8.)

    8 Enos then prayed for the Nephites to be blessed. After he prayed for them, God said He would bless them if they would obey His commandments. (Enos 1:9, 10.)

    9 He also prayed that the Lamanites might be blessed. (Enos 1:11, 12.)

    10 Enos asked the Lord to preserve the records of his people. (Enos 1:13.)

    11 Even though the Lamanites had become a wicked people, God said that the records on the plates would be preserved and would someday help the Lamanites. (Enos 1:14, 16.)