Jokes and Riddles

    “Jokes and Riddles,” Friend, Oct. 1981, 24–25

    Jokes and Riddles

    • What did the space cook see on the skillet? Unidentified frying objects.

    • Why didn’t the skeleton go to the big dance? Because he had no body to go with.

    • Which ships are the hardest to conquer? Hardships.

    • What do you call a muddy spaceship that crosses the galaxy twice? A dirty double-crosser.

    • What speaks every language anywhere in the world but has never been to school? An echo.

    • What do you call a hot-rod space shuttle that won’t run? A shot rod.

    • What happens if you swallow uranium? You get a-tomic ache.

    • What meal do astronauts like best? Launch.

    • What goes up and down but never moves? A staircase.

    • What kind of pliers do you use in a math class? Multipliers.