Hello Book

    “Hello Book,” Friend, Nov. 1978, 5

    “Hello Book”

    “Hello Book” is the theme of the National Children’s Book Week November 13–19, 1978. Books bring delight, opening doors to new understandings. Here are a few that will give pleasure to any girl or boy. Check them out at the library or add several to your Christmas shopping list.

    Noah’s Ark by Peter Spier earned the 1978 Caldecott Award for the Most Distinguished Picture Book for Children. Join the many different animals illustrated in this picture book as they board the ark. The Bible story of the flood will come alive for the reader who ventures inside this imaginative book. (Doubleday)

    Chester Chipmunk’s Thanksgiving, written by Barbara Williams and illustrated by Kay Chorao, is about a chipmunk that tries to make the Thanksgiving holiday a happy one for others. What happens to Chester and some of his animal friends makes a delightful story. Exceptional illustrations add much to the text. (E. P. Dutton)

    Ed Emberley’s A B C by Ed Emberley is an especially fine alphabet book. One intriguing feature of this new book is that by tracing the path of activity of each animal with your finger, a letter of the alphabet is formed. Humorous illustrations bring added delight. (Little, Brown and Company)

    Close Your Eyes by Jean Marzollo is a warm and simple book for a beginning reader or for a parent to read to a child at bedtime. (The Dial Press)

    The Baby’s Lap Book by Kay Chorao is a beautifully illustrated book filled with popular nursery rhymes and verses. Young children will enjoy identifying the charming pictures as well as hearing the verses read to them. (E. P. Dutton)

    Book of Mormon Stories is published by the Church for beginning readers. Each Book of Mormon story has several pictures with captions and a reference as to where the story can be found in the Book of Mormon. Also included is a useful illustrated appendix.

    The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Spear is a moving story of a boy named Daniel who lived during the time of Jesus and planned with his friends to drive the hated Romans from Israel. It also tells about Malthace and Leah, who discover that love is stronger than hate. (Houghton Mifflin, also in paperback)

    Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Newbery Medal book of 1977 by Mildred D. Taylor, is the story of a black family’s struggle to maintain integrity, pride, and independence. It is also the story of Cassie growing up and learning why the land is so important to her family. (The Dial Press)

    Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, the 1978 Newbery Medal book, tells how Jess Aarons’s whole life changed when he met a girl named Leslie Burke. Their friendship opens up an expanded world to Jess in which they create Terabithia, their secret kingdom in the woods. (Thomas Y. Crowell Company)

    Half a Kingdom by Ann McGovern, illustrated by Nola Langer, is a delightful retold Icelandic folktale. The king offers a reward of one half his kingdom when his son disappears. How the prince is rescued from the troll sisters makes an intriguing story. (Frederick Warne and Company, Inc., also in paperback)