Cabbage Turkey

    “Cabbage Turkey,” Friend, Nov. 1978, 26

    Cabbage Turkey

    You will need: head of red cabbage, pointed onion, toothpicks, carrot slices, and straight pins.

    Body Carefully remove six outer cabbage leaves, allowing stem to remain as support for turkey.

    Tail Fan With toothpicks, attach two or three of the largest and most perfectly shaped leaves.

    Wings Cut leaf along center vein and pin each half in place, so that it extends from tail fan to feet. Trim front edge in curve.

    Head Push two toothpicks into rounded end of onion and then into body. For wattles, cut two long sections of cabbage leaf, hang over beak (pointed end of onion), and pin. Insert pins through carrot slices for eyes.

    Feet Cut a 2″ slice of carrot in half. For claws, cut wedges on one edge. Pin to base.

    Set turkey on a tray or arrange with fruit or autumn leaves for a colorful Thanksgiving centerpiece.

    Photo by Eldon Linschoten