March Calendar

“March Calendar,” Friend, Mar. 1976, 25

March Calendar

March 1, 1807: Wilford Woodruff, fourth Church president, born.

March 3, 1949: First round-the-world nonstop airplane flight completed.

March 6, 1862: Salt Lake Theatre opened.

March 7, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell granted patent for telephone.

March 11, 1956: Los Angeles Temple dedicated by President McKay.

March 12, 1852: First Swedish converts to the Church landed in New Orleans.

March 15, 1970: First LDS stake in Asia organized in Tokyo, Japan.

March 16, 1751: James Madison, fourth United States president, born.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

March 18, 1837: Grover Cleveland, twice president of the United States, born.

March 21: Spring begins with the vernal equinox.

March 22, 1847: Mormon Battalion arrived in Los Angeles, California.

March 23, 1775: Patrick Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.

March 25, 1849: First public meeting held on Salt Lake Temple Square.

March 27, 1836: Kirtland Temple dedicated by Joseph Smith.

March 28, 1899: Harold B. Lee, eleventh Church president, born.
1895: Spencer W. Kimball, twelfth Church president, born.

March 29, 1790: John Tyler, tenth United States president, born.

Illustrated by Parry Merkley