Happy Birthday! President Kimball

“Happy Birthday! President Kimball,” Friend, Mar. 1976, 39

Happy Birthday! President Kimball

Last year on your eightieth birthday we accepted your challenge and promised to make the world a more beautiful place in which to live. Some of us reported to the Friend what we did, and here are just a few examples:

“All the girls came to Sister Day’s house. We made some toy sacks and drew Snoopy and Charlie Brown on them. We made some boxes and covered them with drawings and cutouts of butterflies and trains. We gave them to the children in the Relief Society. The boys washed the toys over at Sister Peterson’s and we put the toys in the bags and boxes.”
Mimi, Orem Fiftieth Ward, Orem, Utah

Upon this chart you’ll find

a list of readers

Who took your recent challenge

straight to heart.

We read the Friend and

thoroughly enjoyed it

And wanted you to know we’ve

done our part!

With love,

The Syracuse (Utah) Third Ward Primary

The boys and girls from the Orem Thirty-fifth Ward, Orem, Utah, cleaned up their meeting house grounds. After finishing the project, the children drew pictures of their activities.

The Targeteer A classes of the Orem Fourteenth Ward decided to do something to beautify our sacrament trays. This was done in secret so that only the members of the class and our teacher knew about it. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and really scrubbed and polished the trays. We became so enthusiastic that one class member suggested that we also clean the storage shelves. We felt good about it and many of the ward members commented on the gleaming silver trays.

We also baked cookies at our teacher’s home and took them to some of the sick and elderly people of the ward where we sang songs and visited.

President Kimball, many of us worked to make the world more beautiful as we promised you on your birthday last year that we would. In a general conference address last October you said, “There is still much to do to live as we should.” Our birthday promise is that we will try to follow your counsel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, President Kimball, on your eighty-first birthday! The readers and staff of the Friend send you our thanks, and our love!

President Kimball admiring a clean-up poster made by children of the San Diego California North Stake. Boys and girls in each ward prepared a part of it.