Yarn Doll Valentines

    “Yarn Doll Valentines,” Friend, Feb. 1975, 26

    Yarn Doll Valentines

    You will need: cardboard, yarn, ribbon, red paper, needle, and thread.

    Cut a piece of cardboard 3″ square. Beginning at bottom, wind yarn around it 20 times. Then, with yarn or ribbon of another color, tie a bow at the top for doll’s hair ribbon.

    Take yarn from card by cutting across bottom, and tie yarn 3/4″ down to form head. Use four strands of yarn for each arm. Tie together at wrist and cut off, leaving a bit for the cuff as illustrated.

    To form waist, tie yarn about 1 1/2″ from top of head and fluff out skirt.

    Make eyes, nose, and mouth with black yarn and needle or paste on felt pieces.

    Fasten each doll to a red paper or cardboard heart with a needle and thread, tying the thread on the back of the heart. These dolls can be worn on a dress or coat after Valentine’s Day by making appropriate backings for other special occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day.