Miss Suzie Shape

    “Miss Suzie Shape,” Friend, Feb. 1975, 27

    Miss Suzie Shape

    This is Miss Suzie Shape. Every part of her body is made up of different shapes. Look at her round head. It is called a circle. Sometimes the moon looks round like her head. Then, it is called a full moon. Sometimes it is shaped like her mouth. Then, it is called a quarter or crescent moon.

    Suzie is smiling because she is having fun at a party. Her party hat is a triangle. Her nose is a triangle too. Do you know what shape her eyes are? They are stars.

    Suzie’s friends are all at the party. That is why her heart is going thump-thump-thump. Can you find her heart? Suzie’s neck and arms are straight lines. Look at her legs. They are rectangles. Her hands and her feet are all the same shape. They are called ovals.

    Suzie is wearing her mother’s earrings at the party. They are diamond-shaped. The buttons on her blouse are square.