Really Listen

    “Really Listen,” Friend, Aug. 1973, inside back cover

    Really Listen

    Do you ever really listen

    To the noises in your yard?

    There are many things to hear

    If you listen very hard.

    See, there is a woodpecker

    Tap-tapping on a tree.

    Ta-tap-tap-tap, ta-tap-tap-tap,

    He’s telling you and me.

    Now listen by those flowers.

    You can hear a buzzing sound.

    Bu-buzz-buzz-buzz, bu-buzz-buzz-buzz,

    A bee is buzzing ’round.

    Then when it is growing dark

    And the sun’s gone from the sky,

    Ca-crick-crick-cricket, ca-crick-crick-cricket

    Sings an evening lullaby.

    Photo by Eldon Linschoten