An Apostle Speaks to Children

    “An Apostle Speaks to Children,” Friend, Aug. 1973, 39

    An Apostle Speaks to Children

    Elder Marvin J. Ashton

    I am certain our Heavenly Father is displeased when we refer to ourselves as “nobody.” How fair are we when we classify ourselves a nobody? How fair are we to our families? How fair are we to our God?

    We do ourselves a great injustice when we allow ourselves, through tragedy, misfortune, challenge, discouragement, or whatever the earthly situation, to so think of ourselves. No matter how or where we find ourselves, we cannot with any justification label ourselves nobody.

    As children of God, we are somebody. He will build us, mold us, and magnify us if we will but hold our heads up, our arms out, and walk with Him.

    What a great blessing to be created in His image and know of our true potential in and through Him! What a great blessing to know that through His strength we can do all things!

    It is heartbreaking when young people who are in some difficulty look up and respond to offered guidance with, “What does it matter? I’m nobody.” Remember, though you may be an obscure boy, girl, man, or woman, you are not a “nobody.”

    I declare with all the strength I possess that we have a Heavenly Father who claims and loves all of us. You are His son or you are His daughter, and He loves YOU!