Small Things

“Small Things,” Friend, June 1972, 48

Small Things

What are the smallest things you know?

The eye of a bird? A hop-frog’s toe?

A bud on a tree bough? A nut in a shell?

Or the dimpled splotches where raindrops fell?

How about pollen in a flower face?

And the tiny bits of snowflake lace?

How about glistening drops of dew

On green grass blades when day is new?

Or the sparkling grains in an ocean beach?

And the fuzzy hairs on a juicy peach?

How about seeds in the blow-away heads

Of dandelions? And spiders’ threads?

How about the tiny spots

That ladybugs wear for polka dots?

Or what about dust on a butterfly’s wings?

Oh, there are millions of lovely things!