Knit an Easy-to-Make Hat

    “Knit an Easy-to-Make Hat,” Friend, June 1971, 30

    Knit an Easy-to-Make Hat

    You will need:

    • One 4 oz. 4-ply yarn

    • 1 pair knitting needles size 8 (at least 14″)

    • 1 pair knitting needles size 4 (14″ needles)

    With size 4 needles cast on 108 sts. Knit in garter st for 10 rows. (This will make five ridges.) Change to size 8 needles. Knit next row onto the larger needle. Work each row in the garter st until you have knitted a piece 7 1/4 inches long.

    Then follow these directions:

    Row 1—K 3 together across the row. (You will have 36 sts.)

    Row 2—Knit.

    Row 3—Do same as row 1 (12 sts).

    Then K 1 row; break yarn, leaving an end long enough to draw through the remaining 12 sts tightly. Fasten securely.

    Using yarn, sew up the seam.

    To make the pompon, wind yarn around a 3-inch piece of cardboard. Tie securely at one end. Cut the other end. Trim ends and then sew to top of hat.

    Illustrated by Jeanne Lindorff