Calendar for June

“Calendar for June,” Friend, June 1971, 25

Calendar for June

Why are fish well educated?

Because they travel in schools.

What do the fish think when school is out

And boys with poles and a carefree shout

Dangle worms and splash about?

Are the fishes glad that school is out?

June 1, 1801: Brigham Young, second president of the Church, born.

June 2, 1874: One hundred Goshute Indians baptized in Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah.

June 5, 1848: Seagulls destroy crickets.

June 8, 1869: Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect, born.

June 9, 1830: First LDS Church conference held at Fayette, New York.

June 10, 1875: Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association organized.

June 11: Kamehameha Day (birthday of the first king of Hawaii).

June 15, 1929: Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir began broadcasting on radio.

June 18, 1882: Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer, born.

June 19, 1623: Blaise Pascal, French scientist, born.

June 20, 1837: Victoria became Queen of Great Britain.

June 27, 1844: Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum martyred.

June 29, 1844: Funeral for Joseph and Hyrum.