A Time to Talk

    “A Time to Talk,” Friend, May 1971, 15

    A Time to Talk

    Do you think it is possible to tell people things without saying a word? Has anyone ever looked at you with love and you knew how he or she felt? The look in his eyes, the smile on his face, and the warmth of his expression said many things to you. And he didn’t say a word! That’s the way it is when people are happy.

    It is the same when people are angry. Have you ever seen a teacher who has been interrupted by someone in the back of the room look in that direction, and then the classroom has suddenly frozen quiet? The teacher didn’t have to say a single word; his looks were sufficient.

    Try this experiment. After you’ve read this page, see if you can tell what people are saying to you by the way they tilt their heads, raise their eyebrows, or even place their mouths. In these ways people talk as surely as they do by speaking out loud.

    Imagine that your mother, father, or some loved one is looking at you right now. The smile given to you is one of love. If you can see it, then you know that people can be told many things though they hear nothing at all. This is a way of silence.