Brothers of Faith

    “Brothers of Faith,” Friend, May 1971, 48

    Brothers of Faith

    Missing words from this story complete the following puzzle.

    After the great (25 down) the family of (1 down) and his (21 down) increased in (22 down) until the earth began to be (17 down) with (23 across) again. The (28 across) began to move from one (16 down) to another. Some of the people went to the country that was (34 across) two great rivers. And they said, “Come, go to, let us build us a city, and a (18 across) whose top will be (13 across), nigh unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be (29 across) abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

    The tower was (47 down) the Tower of (43 across). When the Lord saw what these people had done he was very (38 across), so he (42 down) their (39 down) so they could not understand one another’s (40 across). When the people (51 across) they could not (48 across) one another, they began to go other places to (36 across) and became scattered.

    There was a (26 across) man named (33 across) who lived at that time. He loved his (46 down), who was a man of great faith. They didn’t want to have their language (6 across). They wanted to be able to understand (14 across) other. Jared (50 across) his brother to (41 down) to the Lord that their speech would (9 across) be changed.

    The Lord (53 across) the (35 across) of Jared and his brother. He told (27 down) that he would not confound their language but that he (31 across) lead them (4 across) to (5 down) land that was (7 down) above all other lands.

    He told them to (44 down) boats that were to be (30 down) like a dish. They followed the Lord’s (45 across) and built (20 across) boats as they had been told to do.

    When the brother of Jared (24 down) something to put in the boats to make them (8 down) inside, he gathered sixteen (2 down), which the Lord (55 across) with his (52 down) so they would shine like light in the (49 down). This was a (37 across) that resulted from the great (12 across) of the brother of Jared.

    Heavenly Father (32 across) these people, called them (11 down), and led them to the land of (10 across) where they and their children had many adventures and (19 down). We may read (3 across) these brothers of great faith in the book of (15 down) in the Book of (54 down).


    • Down—1. Noah, 2. stones, 5. another, 7. choice, 8. light, 11. Jaredites, 15. Ether, 16. place, 17. filled, 19. experiences, 21. children, 22. number, 24. wanted, 25. flood, 27. them, 30. shaped, 39. language, 41. pray, 42. confounded, 44. build, 46. brother, 47. called, 49. darkness, 52. finger, 54. Mormon Across—3. about, 4. away, 6. changed, 9. not, 10. promise, 12. faith, 13. high, 14. each, 18. tower, 20. eight, 23. people, 26. righteous, 28. families, 29. scattered, 31. would, 32. blessed, 33. Jared, 34. between, 35. prayers, 36. live, 37. miracle, 38. displeased, 40. speech, 43. Babel, 45. instructions, 48. understand, 50. asked, 51. found, 53. heard, 55. touched