Preventing Abuse
October 2020

“Preventing Abuse,” Ensign, October 2020

Preventing Abuse

upset woman and husband

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In healthy relationships, people apologize for their unkind words and actions and rely on our Savior’s atoning strength to help them improve and repent. But in unhealthy situations, people continue to treat others unkindly, and those relationships can become abusive.

“[Abuse and other] such offenses have no place in the kingdom of God,” taught President Russell M. Nelson (“Spiritual Treasures,” October 2019 general conference). Several Church magazine articles this month will help us identify and address abuse:

  • In my article on page 48, I talk about characteristics of abuse and identify some resources to help you or people you know to recognize and heal from abusive relationships.

  • Parents could use the talking points on page 54 to start a conversation with their children about preventing and reporting abuse.

  • This month’s magazines for children and youth also include articles on the topic. For example, an activity on page 24 of the Friend could be used as part of a home evening lesson.

  • Emotional abuse can be just as harmful as other types of abuse. Read “Recognizing Emotional Abuse” in the digital edition of this issue to learn five warning signs and how to get help.

If you have been hurt, you can turn to God for direction and healing and also seek help from trusted individuals. The Lord understands what we are feeling, and He will guide us to safety and joy as we turn to Him.

May we all feel God’s love and reach out to Him every day,

Jason Whiting, PhD

Brigham Young University School of Family Life