Family Study Fun
October 2020

“Family Study Fun,” Ensign, October 2020

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon

Family Study Fun

Consider these activities during family scripture study or home evening.

3 Nephi 17 (September 28–October 11)

Listen and Lift

paper drawings with writing utensils

Illustrations by David Green

Read 3 Nephi 17:21–25 with your family, which describes the Savior ministering to people after His Resurrection. Talk about what it might have felt like to be there.

  1. Draw or write these body parts on pieces of paper: hands, feet, knees, arms, eyes, and mouth. Pass them out to different family members.

  2. Listen to “Had I Been a Child” from pages 80–81 of the Children’s Songbook (recordings are available at music.ChurchofJesusChrist.org or in the Sacred Music app).

  3. Whenever a body part is mentioned in the song, have the family member holding that paper lift it up for everyone to see.

Discussion: Talk about how Jesus has a resurrected body and how one day we’ll have a resurrected body too. Jesus used His body to serve others. How can we serve others and show them love?

3 Nephi 20–22 (October 12–18)

Paper Name Gathering Game

pieces of paper next to framed picture of Jesus

We “gather Israel” when we help other people learn about the gospel. Jesus taught about this gathering in 3 Nephi 20–22.

  1. Give each person a piece of paper and ask them to write down any name that comes to mind.

  2. Everyone should close their eyes while one person hides the papers.

  3. Read 3 Nephi 20:18 and 39–40 out loud. How can you help other people learn about Jesus?

  4. While listening to a song about Jesus, invite everyone to help find the names and put them by a picture of the Savior.

Discussion: How does it make you feel to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know each person by name?

3 Nephi 27–4 Nephi (October 19–25)

Act a Song

children performing actions to a song

Read 3 Nephi 27:8 together. Explain what each word in the name of the Church means: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  1. Sing “The Church of Jesus Christ”(Children’s Songbook, 77).

  2. Come up with actions for the different words in the song. For example, you could stand up when you sing the word “I,” touch your head when you sing “know,” and march in place for “follow.”

  3. Practice using these different actions as you sing the song together.

Discussion: Why is the full name of the Church important? How can you politely help people understand the full name of the Church when they refer to us as “Mormons”?

Mormon 1–6 (October 26–November 1)

The Open Arms of Jesus

crayons and drawings of Jesus and child

Read Mormon 6:17 together. Talk about what it means that Jesus has “open arms to receive [us]” when He is not physically here with us.

  1. Invite family members to draw a picture of themselves with Jesus. For younger children, use a coloring page from lessonhelps.ChurchofJesusChrist.org or the September Friend.

  2. When the pictures are finished, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Take turns picking a picture at random.

  3. When someone’s picture is chosen, have them talk about a time they have felt the Savior’s love or share something they can do to follow Jesus.

Discussion: Talk about what you can do as a family to help each other follow Jesus and feel closer to Him. How can we be His “arms” here on earth?