How We Strengthen Our Faith—Together

“How We Strengthen Our Faith—Together,” Ensign, July 2020

How We Strengthen Our Faith—Together

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In our study of the Book of Mormon this month, we learn about Korihor, who convinced many Church members that they had been deceived by the prophets but later acknowledged that he himself had been deceived by Satan and had deceived others. We learn about the Zoramites, a whole people who separated themselves from the Church. And we see Alma the Younger, who had once actively fought against the Church, seek to strengthen his own adult children against choices that would lead them away from the Lord and His Church.

Some of us have family members or friends who choose to no longer participate in the Lord’s restored Church. This can be painful for those of us who feel our faith so strongly. We want to help, but many of us wonder how.

One magazine issue could never cover every reason for why faith cools or explain exactly how to respond if it does. Everyone’s journey of faith is different. But with this issue we hope to provide some help, such as:

  • One man’s experience coming back to the Church and what he has learned from it (page 44).

  • The importance of welcoming everyone (page 54).

  • Suggestions for parents whose children have chosen a different path (pages 48 and 52).

  • What leaders say on the subject of loved ones turning away from the Church (see page 58).

  • Helpful perspectives on Church history (page 12).

We hope these articles provide a starting point for you to seek divine guidance for your personal circumstances.


Adam C. Olson

Managing Editor