Family Study Fun
July 2020

“Family Study Fun,” Ensign, July 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

Family Study Fun

Consider these activities during family scripture study or home evening.

Alma 27:17–19; 29:13–14 (June 29–July 5)

Joyful Service Charades

little boy pretending to vacuum

Illustrations by David Green

Read Alma 27:17–19 and Alma 29:13–14 together, paying special attention to the word joy. Ammon and Alma found great joy in serving other people and the Lord.

  1. Invite one or two people to act out helping someone else—no speaking allowed! Examples could include opening the door for someone, helping a person in their yard, helping fix dinner, and so on.

  2. While the scene is being acted out, other family members guess what the service is.

  3. Take turns until everyone has had a chance to act.

Discussion: Why is it important to help other people? When have you felt joy after helping someone? What could our family do to help someone this week?

Alma 30:44 (July 6–12)

Creations A to Z

hand shown writing a note

Read Alma 30:44 and talk about how God created this beautiful world for us. Then play this game to continue thinking about God’s creations.

  • Have each family member write the letters of the alphabet in a list down one side of a paper.

  • For two minutes, everyone should try to write a creation that begins with each letter. For example, you could write “Trees” for the letter T.

  • When time runs out, have everyone share their list.

Discussion: How do these blessings from God make you feel? What can we do to take care of God’s creations?

Alma 32:26–43 (July 13–19)

Testimony Art Show

image of fruit tree on paper

Alma compared the word of God to a seed. He explained that if we exercise faith to plant the seed in our hearts and nourish it, it will grow little by little into a tree that bears delicious fruit.

  1. Give each family member art supplies, like paper and crayons.

  2. Listen to Alma 32 on the Gospel Library app or on the Church website. While listening, invite everyone to draw a plant that represents how strong and healthy they want their testimony to be.

  3. Hang these pictures somewhere you’ll see them during the week.

Discussion: What can we do to help plants grow strong? How can we help our testimonies grow? How does a strong testimony bless our lives?

Alma 37:38–47 (July 20–26)

Liahona Treasure Hunt

treasure chest

Read Alma 37:38–40 together, which describes the Liahona. When Lehi’s family was faithful, the Lord used this compass to guide them.

  1. Draw a circle with an arrow in it. Ask someone to hold this pretend Liahona.

  2. Pick a small object to use as treasure. Have someone leave the room while the rest hide the treasure. Then ask the person to come back in the room and try to find it.

  3. If that person shares one way they can keep the commandments this week, the person with the Liahona can point them toward the treasure.

  4. Each person takes a turn searching and holding the Liahona.

Discussion: How does God try to lead and guide us in our lives? When have you felt that God was guiding you? For additional insights, read and discuss Alma 37:41–47.