Advice from Young Adults

    “Advice from Young Adults,” Ensign, October 2019

    Young Adults

    Advice from Young Adults

    on dating someone who once struggled with pornography

    “Most pornography users don’t want to be in a position of looking at it. They hate it, but it’s addictive. Ask the person to open up to you. If it’s a strong relationship, they will open up and talk to you about it. Be that friend who will help them.”

    —Elise, Queensland, Australia

    “Speak up and ask the person about the issue. It is oftentimes deemed an awkward and uncomfortable topic, but you should know to what extent the individual battled with pornography. By finding this out, you and the Holy Ghost may be the conduit to helping this person find the avenue of freedom from persistent pornography struggles.”

    —Eryn, Utah, USA

    “Be supportive in their recovery. It’s not something that is overcome overnight. It takes time.”

    —Name withheld, Idaho, USA