Gospel Library App: A Digital Multi-Tool for Righteous Living

    “Gospel Library App: A Digital Multi-Tool for Righteous Living,” Ensign, October 2019

    Gospel Library App: A Digital Multi-Tool for Righteous Living

    The Gospel Library app is more than just digital scriptures.

    Smart Phone Gospel App

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    Have you perused the Gospel Library app recently? What you’ll find might surprise you. What began as a way to keep the scriptures in your pocket has blossomed into a massive collection of tools and resources to strengthen every testimony and fortify every home.

    • It’s a Movie Theater: Everything from Christmas videos to worldwide devotionals to feature films.

    • It’s a Magazine Rack: The Church magazine archives go back to 1971! There are also bonus articles that are only available digitally.

    • It’s a Time Machine: Dive into the past in the Church History section, where you can explore the early days of the Church in New York and elsewhere.

    • It’s a Personal Assistant: Want to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year? Study Plans will create a schedule and even remind you when to read!

    • It’s a Journal: Personalized notes and highlights that won’t be lost in a fire. Plus, whenever you need to share a spiritual thought or speak in sacrament meeting, your notes will be waiting.

    • It’s a Self-Help Guru: Job hunting? Financial planning? Family struggles? You’re not alone. Check out the Self-Reliance and Life Help sections for ways to keep moving forward.

    • It’s an Art Gallery: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Find plenty in the Gospel Art Book, helpful in any lesson or home evening.

    • It’s a Bookshelf: Hardbound books are heavy. Your phone isn’t. Read full-length books in the app, including Jesus the Christ and Daughters in My Kingdom.

    • It’s a Missionary Training Center: Preparing to serve a mission? Learn what mission life is like and what missionaries teach as they spread the gospel throughout the world.

    • It’s a Hymnbook: Lift your voice. Sing praises. The song of the righteous is a prayer unto Him.

    • It’s a Family Study Guide: Need some help teaching the gospel in your home? Find all the lessons for Come, Follow Me as well as activities and home evening lessons.