Call Hanks!
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“Call Hanks!” Ensign, July 2019

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Call Hanks!

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When our family moved to the United States from Brazil, I traveled first to prepare the way for us. Shortly after my arrival, my oldest daughter, Talita, joined me in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A few months later, thanks to discounted airline tickets, the day finally came when my youngest daughter and wife would join us. We had two problems, however. First, their discounted flights would bring them only as close as Las Vegas, Nevada. Second, our car was too small for them and their luggage. So, we reserved a rental car online to bring them home.

We took a taxi to the Salt Lake City airport, where we planned to pick up our rental car and drive to Las Vegas. But to our dismay, when we arrived at the airport, the rental agent said they didn’t accept debit cards, which is all I had! We tried other rental car agencies but with no success. Talita reminded me that the drive to Las Vegas would take about six hours and that we needed to leave soon.

We offered a heartfelt prayer for help. Immediately afterward, a single thought came to my mind: “Call Hanks!” My family has remained in contact with the missionaries who baptized us 37 years ago. Nathan Hanks, then living in the Salt Lake Valley, was one of those missionaries.

I turned to Talita and said, “Call Hanks!” When she asked why, I replied that I felt prompted to.

While I was still trying to get the agency to accept my debit card, Talita called him. Nate asked where we were and explained that he was just arriving at the airport himself. He was on his way to California to visit family and was going to park his car at the airport during his trip.

While Nate was on the phone with Talita, I saw him pull up and park near us. He hopped out, gave me his car keys, and said, “Go get your wife!”

We made the drive, arrived in time, and found that Nate’s car was large enough to fit our family and the luggage with no problem.

After 37 years, one of our missionaries had again served us. I know that this incident was no coincidence. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

I am grateful for the sweet assurance brought to my heart that Heavenly Father knows what we need even before we ask. I am also grateful for the opportunity He gave me to teach my family of this reality on that day.