An Uncommon Route through Town

“An Uncommon Route through Town,” Ensign, April 2019

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An Uncommon Route through Town

Planning a route by car on a city street with a traffic sign

Over the years, our family lived twice in Wisconsin, USA, and we loved it both times. In each instance, we lived in the same stake but in a different ward. Our first time in Wisconsin, I was assigned to home teach the Jones family (name has been changed). I grew to love that family.

After a few years, my employer moved us to Georgia; then Lima, Peru; followed by São Paulo, Brazil; then back to Wisconsin. Upon our return to Wisconsin, I was called to serve as stake president. Eventually, I found out that the Jones family had fallen into inactivity.

One evening as I drove to the stake center for interviews, I followed an uncommon route through town. As I approached the intersection, it was as if someone took the steering wheel and turned it to the right.

“This is interesting!” I thought. “There must be a reason for me to go here.”

I am certain it was no coincidence that the street I was on took me past the Joneses’ home. I felt prompted to visit them, even though it would make me late for my first interview. Regardless, I knew I needed to find their home.

It was dark outside and I didn’t know if I would recognize their house. I continued down the road a few blocks until I spotted a home that looked familiar. I stopped. When Brother and Sister Jones answered the door, we embraced, and we visited for about 30 minutes. I shared my love for them and the surprising events that had led to my visit that night. Before leaving, I invited them to come back into activity. They both had tears in their eyes when I left.

Unbeknownst to me, Brother and Sister Jones had been discussing over the past few days the possibility of returning to activity in the Church. The night I visited them, they were talking about it again.

The next Sunday, they attended sacrament meeting. They remained faithful, and their son has since served a mission. I know that there is a God who loves His children and who is involved in the details of our lives.